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Our designs are created by 3D simulation. This has the advantage that you can immediately create the sample of the product. Most importantly, you can see the final product virtually. This significantly shortens the sampling phase and saves resources such as paper, fabric, shipping material, shipping route and costs.

Nachhaltigkeit unserer Marken

We are Feuerpfeil. We always think of something to make things easier, better and more lovable. Our brands are inspired by life. We go through everyday life with open eyes and put love and passion into our products to bring joy.

To do this, we make sure that our products are free of harmful substances, fairly produced and durable. With our materials we pay special attention to:

Organic Cotton: We use only high quality organic cotton with GOTS certificate. The fabrics are free of harmful substances and proven to be organic. This allows us to create fair and safe products for your little ones that can take a beating. Our philosophy is to create products suitable for everyday use that can easily outlast their life cycle of being worn by a child and be passed on as a cherished favorite.

Repairability: If something should break during wild climbing on the playground or crawling on the rough ground, it is not a big problem. The materials are very high quality and can usually be repaired again well with the help of our repair patches.



Made in Portugal,

Designed in Germany

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