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monocs® combine stylish design with a functional mask. The unique design of the collar makes it possible to pull it up over your mouth and nose in seconds and voilà: the mask is in place.

A silicone elastic band on the upper edge helps the collar conform to the shape of the face. This ensures a secure and tight fit without having to apply pressure. You’re always flexible and ready to go with monocs.

Love life and embrace the future.

monocs® - Boys having fun with mask shirts.


How it all started

In spring 2020, we asked ourselves how we could make the “new normal” noticeably easier with a product that is both functional and stylish at the same time. We believed that we could make a positive and relevant contribution to society using the innovative power of fashion. 

In line with the motto “stylish solidarity,” we developed a mask shirt and gave it the name monocs, which stands for mouth-nose-cover-shirts. We received the prototype shirts by July. Feedback from family and friends was overwhelmingly positive. Now we’re presenting you with our first shirts. If you’re also excited, then we’ve done everything right. In the coming weeks, we’ll continue to expand our collection. Let us surprise and inspire you!


You can neither lose nor forget them. They stay firmly in place, are comfortable to wear even in the summer, and can be washed at 40 to 60 degrees.

The prints on the mask make monocs a real eye-catcher. When the collars are raised, they reveal funny and cheeky motifs or casual statements. With a variety of styles, colors, and prints, monocs are suitable for all ages and any occasion.

monocs are neither medically certified nor medical-grade personal protective equipment. However, they are a wonderful alternative to normal, everyday masks. That means the following still applies to monocs fans: Wash your hands, observe standard hygiene guidelines, and follow current social distancing rules. 

monocs do not provide any guaranteed protection against COVID-19 and are not intended to replace safety measures and guidelines advised by the World Health Organization (WHO). We recommend that you check the official WHO website and the website of the public health authority in your country.

monocs are extremely practical. 

monocs® - Girls having fun with mask shirts.

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