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An increasing number of product developers, designers and textile companies are using 3D technologies because they make the design process faster and more efficient. They are a real gamechanger because several resources can be saved at once (e.g., lower product overstock, fewer sample parts, less transport of goods).

Thus, three-dimensional visualization makes a significant contribution to both economic and environmental sustainability. Prototypes can be simulated on avatars by transferring true-to-scale cutting patterns. Avatars can be adjusted to individual dimensions and optimizations can be made in real time. Time-consuming intermediate steps such as manual drawings are eliminated because fabrics, colors, prints, sleeves, collars, buttons, etc. can be exchanged and tried out as often as desired. In short, the use of 3D simulations can enormously shorten the development cycle and time to market while conserving resources.

Real Patterns, 

Real Fabrics,

Only Simulated

A New Way of Sampling​

Instead of developing products in several sampling loops, you can develop and test your products 3-dimensionally before they go into production.

Unlimited Poses and Emotions

We use a variety of software to create the best results. Our customers can either choose from our own default avatars and poses or have their own avatars custom made. 

We build your world in 3D

Your products, Your story​

3D allows you to tell your story the way you want to tell it. We will be happy to consult you and work out your product presentation for you. No matter if it is hollow man, comic, photo realistic or animated...

Real-time visualized product development

3D product creation enables a unique way of product development. The direct visualization of samples in 3D products significantly accelerates sampling processes. Design, pattern development, fitting and sampling go hand in hand on one display. Colorways, prints, applications or variations can be visualized and evaluated in no time at all. This saves resources and makes it possible to test products, e.g. by pre-ordering a 1:1 product.



- SAMPLE PRE-RUN TIME: Sampling can be scaled down to as little as one prototype with 1:1 cutting and life-like 3D garment/fabric selection.


- DEVELOPMENT TIME: Real-time development with immediate results improves design and product development. 


- CO2 - FLIGHT TRAVEL: Less sampling and a facilitated on-demand ordering with 3D garments as a base avoids unnecessary transportation and associated environmental impact


- WATER CONSERVATION: Similar to CO2 reduction, targeted and on-demand production saves significant amounts of water


- MATERIAL CONSUMPTION: The less material used, the more water, Co2 and money can be saved. In addition, production waste due to unnecessary sampling and fit development is significantly reduced .


- PRODUCTION: Photo production for e-commerce, for example, can be replaced by 3D simulations. Zooms, colorways, new settings and alternative poses can be added or changed at any time .


- COST: Saving resources and time means saving money. 

2D vs. 3D

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