When we say we’re a design agency, it means we’re always imagining ways to make things simpler, better, and more lovable. Each of our brands is a lifestyle. We draw inspiration from our everyday lives and passionately create these brands to bring joy to a community of people.

The original mask shirt

monocs® are smart: they combine stylish design with a functional mask. The unique design of the collar makes it possible to pull it up over your mouth and nose. Now you can stay healthy and be fashionable with one extremely practical shirt.


It’s natural to want only the best for your home. Our premium collection of home textiles, accessories, and decor bring warmth to every room and add

an accent to any table. Feel happy in your own home with original designs  from Chalky & Co.


Book cover of 4U2 RE-USE.

Our 4U2 RE-USE series of trend books is all about encouraging sustainability and upcycling. Each book includes an elaborate collection of styles and designs, inspirational moods, and lovingly illustrated tutorials. Discover new design ideas for anyone working in fashion, textiles, or marketing.


Flexibility. Comfort. Design.
Pure Ivy is sustainable active wear

made for women by women who love to move and know exactly what they want. You have the freedom to move wherever your body takes you.


Feuerpfeil Agency - Hands measuring specs and colors.


You can find Feuerpfeil in Hamburg, where we’ll be busy building new brands and dreaming up experiences to make people smile.

Feurpfeil GmbH - dog with paperbag looking for inspiration.


Everyday we go through our lives with open eyes, taking in things that inspire us and bring us joy.
Life is full of little surprises.

Hands holding seeds. Feuerpfeil Agency supports charity projects.


We want to give back by supporting organizations and causes close to our hearts that are really making a difference in the world.


Be bright, brave and whole-hearted.

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